I’m incredibly lucky that I’ve been with my future husband since I was 13. We may have started out as junior high sweethearts, but in the last seven-point-five years, we have grown into a beautiful, mature adult relationship. Between us, we have a car, an apartment, a nearly-completed college degree, and money in the bank. But most importantly, we are still deeply in love. I get excited every time he comes home and I get to throw my arms around him again. I have never been more sure of myself than when he smiles at me.

Recently, I saw this CBC Comedy piece (yes, CBC is using their money to fund their very own version of The Onion) satirizing a couple that is pretty similar to my own situation. Yes, I’m very aware that comedy is supposed to make fun of people, and that I’m probably getting worked up over nothing, but this is my blog and I’m going to say how I feel. And I got pretty upset at this piece.

I don’t know the author’s romantic situation and it’s not my place to make assumptions. But let me assure them that I am perfectly happy being with one person for the rest of my life. No piece of me wants to be single ever again.

I will never have to go to the bar and sort through awkward men who ask to buy me a drink. I will never have to tell my friends a Tinder story. I will never have to watch Sex and the City and wonder when my Big is coming to find me. I will never have to deal with the dating scene, and I will never have to write thinkpieces about the modern state of dating and romance. I am so fortunate to have what so many people search for their entire lives.

When I turn 26, I’ll have been with my future husband for half of my life. We could realistically celebrate our 75th anniversary one day if our health is good. Why would I ever wonder what else is out there when I can’t ever imagine being happier than I am right now?

This got me thinking about an episode of Say Yes to the Dress I saw a few years ago. It’s very atypical if a bride tries on one dress and loves it immediately on that show. They model at least three, and the salesperson goes on a hunt for more if the bride still isn’t satisfied. On this particular episode, Randy Fenoli tells a bride that once you’re happy with your dress, stop there. There are lots of dresses that will make you happy, but you’re going to waste your time comparing them all if you don’t pick one. Just like your partner. Sure, there are lots of people in the world that could and would make you romantically happy, but you chose yours for a reason. And there’s no reason to keep shopping.