Image via Delish.com.

I’m gonna be honest with you guys: outside of the ceremony and getting to actually marry my future husband, the part of my wedding I’m most looking forward to is the food. Yes, it’s going to be nice to have all my friends and family in one room and be the centre of attention and all that – but where the food at?

My venue has a lot of food options, including three (technically four) for dinner – plate service, family style, buffet, plus they have lots of hot and cold hors d’oeuvres, which some couples are opting to order large quantities of those and forgo the traditional dinner. I’m gonna need both, thanks.

But as much as I love food (do you have any idea how excited I am for the taste test in March?) and I want as much there as possible, that’s not in our budget. I would love to just end my night with my mouth firmly attached to a soft serve ice cream machine, but again, not going to happen.

The buffet is the cheapest option – and ultimately, it’s what we’re going with – but I didn’t want my grandparents to have to stand in line while all my young friends scooped out heaps of food. That’s not fair, and let’s be honest, I’d probably get an earful about that later. So then I decided I have to make a seating plan in order to make sure that our family goes up first to eat. Add another thing to the checklist.

Buffet was the best option for us. We don’t have to worry about getting our guests’ orders in advance, we don’t have to worry about someone getting the wrong plate, we don’t have to worry about a certain table running out of something – it’s all in one place and our venue will take care of it. Less stress for me? Bring on seconds.