Here’s the thing, you guys: I don’t really care about decorations or centerpieces. But I realize that a lot of people do care about it, and my guests are going to be sitting at those tables for a lot of the night, so I should probably do something to keep them from being bored out of their skulls.

But, of course, I want to keep it on the cheap. So I’ll be heading to the dollar store and my local Michaels to put together some centerpieces and keep the aesthetic of my wedding consistent.

Tea Candles in Fishbowls
Yeah, this one is a little cheesy. Lots of people seem to do it, and yet, it makes no sense. Fire and water? Is that supposed to be a metaphor for something? Regardless, it’s a cheap and easy option. Grab a dollar store fishbowl or other glass bowl, fill with water, perhaps some fake flower petals, and get a pack of 100 tealights for $5 at IKEA. If you opt for a less watery option, you can get tealight holders for under a dollar each at IKEA too. (I love IKEA.)

Sand in Tall Glasses
Do you have any fun memories from the beach with your significant other? Now is the time to display all those rocks and shells you’ve collected over the years. Get a tall vase and make a beach trifle with sand, rocks, and shells, or alternatively, fill it with different coloured sand. Some couples have a unity sand-pouring during their ceremony.

Heart-Shaped Confetti
The easiest of all the options. Grab some confetti and sprinkle it everywhere. Nice. If you really want to save money, you can buy a craft punch at Michaels and make all the confetti yourself out of whatever paper you like.

Traditional Bouquets with Fake Flowers
Real flowers are expensive, may not be in season at the time of your wedding, and will always end up being thrown away. Fake flowers look the same forever, and your grandma can take home this centerpiece if she wants. Head to the dollar store or your local craft store and put together a little bouquet, plop it in a short vase (perhaps a mason jar?) and wrap it with some ribbon that matches your wedding colours.

Old Costume Jewellery
Do you remember when you used to play dress-up and you had a big box full of costumes? (Thanks to Mr. Dressup, it was the “tickle trunk” at my house.) Now’s the time to pull all those old brooches and chunky strings of pearls out to decorate your tables. If you’re going for an old-world Gatsby theme, this might add a little elegance and playfulness to your reception.

Do you have suggestions for inexpensive centerpieces? Leave a comment below!

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