wedding-planning-101-1st-month-task-listIt’s 2017! Which means after two and a half years of being engaged (and nearly eight years of being with my future husband), it’s finally the year of the wedding. Oh, crap. There’s less than eight months until the wedding.

There are a lot of things to do. And there’s a lot of things that I have to think about that I’m not directly involved in planning, like my bridal shower. I’m not asking for gifts because I don’t want to move more things when I move out, but now I have to think about what I want the guests to bring. Sigh. More to plan.

There’s also the normal things to think about, like sending out save-the-dates, because (I think) our ever-changing guestlist is finally finalized, and even though we’ve been engaged for nearly three years and had this venue booked for nearly two, we still have to give our friends and family eight months notice.

We also have to design, print, and send out our invitations. Before I send out the invitations, I have to create a website for our guests to find all of the information about the wedding (so I don’t have to answer it the day of). The design for my dress is underway (yay!) as my designer sent me lace samples the other day, and I still seem swamped by big tasks yet to do, like my seating plan, which I can’t actually make until all the RSVPs are in. When I know there’s work to do that I can’t start on yet, it drives me crazy. Blech.

But, what can I do? Whenever I get overwhelmed with a task, I remember that the event is going to happen and I know that it’s going to get done, I just have to work through it. I’m very excited for the wedding, but I’m more excited to be married.

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