img_7152I’m a huge advocate for designing your own invitations, especially after last week’s post where I discovered that people spend nearly $500 US (!!!!!) on these bad boys. There’s no shame in picking out a template from a print shop website, but there’s something nice about designing it yourself. Here’s a few things you need to know when designing your own invitations.

  1. You’ll need a knowledge of Photoshop (and InDesign if you have access to it), or a knowledge of someone who has a knowledge of Photoshop. Admit it if you don’t. Don’t use a free, web-based program, because it won’t turn out as nice.
  2. People don’t read the whole invitation. Make it very clear what you want to say and then say it. I suggest making a wedding website with all of your direction and registry information so that way you don’t have to make separate pieces for each. And also, you’ll save on printing and postage.
  3. Use your wedding colours, but make sure the background is either white or a light colour. Don’t print text on dark colours. It’ll run and be gross.
  4. Want to use one of those cool curly calligrapher fonts? Try Magnolia Sky. Want that cute handwritten all-caps font? Try DK Lemon Yellow Sun. I also really like The Salvador right now.
  5. Put a picture of yourselves on the back. Your grandparents will love it and might even frame it. It’s a nice way to give your relatives a printed engagement picture.
  6. Get inspiration. Google some cool wedding invitation ideas and then see if you can put your own spin on it.
  7. Have fun with it. It’s your wedding. If you want to make it a map of Middle Earth, then who’s stopping you?