I’ll be the first to admit it: I hate wearing makeup.I don’t know where to start, and there’s so many different kinds that I get overwhelmed trying to pick something. I also touch my face and rub my eyes a lot, so whenever I do wear it, I usually just mess it up.

But I decided a while ago that I wanted to wear makeup on my wedding day. I break out a lot (another reason I don’t wear makeup) and I wanted my face to look “even” in all of my pictures. So I turned to my wonderful, beautiful makeup-oriented friend Christiana (of Christiana Makes It Up) to help me out with what I should do.

She made me feel super comfortable, and even though I wasn’t used to lots of the products she used (false eyelashes!! So fancy), I did get used to them after uh, practicing with them(?) and I didn’t feel cake-y or heavy at all.

Here’s what we did! This video includes close-ups of my face. You’ve been warned.